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Whiteline Front Essentials Bushing Kit - FRS/BRZ/86


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Your vehicle already came out of the factory with precision handling and balance, but what if you can take it up a few notches and make it handle like a go kart? With the Whiteline Essential Kit this may be a possibility. Whiteline has taken the design of the factory bushings on the front suspension then adds some muscle behind them. This kit includes new camber bolts, front anti-dive caster kit, and precision steering rack and control arm bushings. Once installed, you will have better handling, with more responsive steering. This is perfect for the weekend autocrosser, or for those who enjoy spirited canyon drives. More importantly this is a great upgrade for those looking to upgrade factory bushings that can become soft over time.

Activate more grip with the Whiteline Front Essential Kit.

Essentials include front camber bolts, front anti dive/ caster kit, steering precision rack and control arm bushings that deliver go kart like steering and next level grip to your vehicle.