Kaiju Motorsports Dyno Tuning Sessions

Pro Tuning With Kaiju Motorsports

Kaiju Motorsports offers custom tuning for a wide variety of makes and models (and drivetrains). We calibrate your car based on the modifications done to the vehicle to obtain the maximum power while maintaining reliability and drive-ability. Engine management is a must if you have done any modifications to your vehicle, or if you just want to get the most out of what came from the factory.

For all dyno tunes, Kaiju Motorsports may perform a PDI (Pre-Dyno Inspection), which consists of a boost pressure test, vacuum leak test, and a general visual inspection of the engine and drivetrain to ensure proper functionality of components (example: oil leaks, boost control vacuum line routing, etc). If an issue is found during the inspection, we will make our best effort to offer repairs for the vehicle. However if the issue is not able to be corrected in the necessary amount of time, or due to other scheduled appointments we may have, you may lose your appointment and tuning deposit.

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