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Stoptech Street Select Brake Pads (Rear) - Subaru WRX VA


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Fits 2008+ Subaru WRX

Stoptech Street Select Brake Pads which have been engineered to provide superior braking performance for the everyday street driven vehicle. Stoptech's lab-development along with validated friction formulations create a great combination of performance characteristics which result in a low dust brake pad along with a quiet operation.

Here are some key features:

  • Manufactured to include all OE gas slots and chambers which will ensure efficient and safe braking
  • Positive molded technology which provides reliable and safe stopping performance for the entire service life of the brake pad
  • Precision cut backing plates ensure correct pad fitment in the caliper body which helps eliminate vibrations and noise under braking
  • Application specific pad shims are included to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibrations 

    In conclusion, the Street Select Brake Pads are perfect for your daily driver whether if it's a gas-friendly compact or a full-bolt on turbo monster. These are not track pads and aren't harsh, but can get the job done under spirited driving conditions. 

    Note that these particular pads are for the rear location, and will also come provided with new clips to make them ready for the installation. 


  • For 2015+ WRX models WITHOUT Eyesight.
  • For 2018+ BRZ/86 models WITHOUT the Brembo package.