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Grimmspeed 38/40mm V-Band External Wastegate Uppipe 3-Bolt - Subaru STI VA


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Fits 2006-2014 WRX and 2004+ STI 

Love your Tomei Header but wish you could go with an external wastegate? Wish no more! This GrimmSpeed Externally Gated Up-Pipe has a 3 bolt lower flange to attach beautifully to the Tomei Header.

This is the Grimmspeed External Wastegate 3-Bolt Up Pipe that features a 38/40mm external wastegate flange. This up pipe allows owners to convert their internal gated setups to an external gated option. The benefit of an external wastegate is that it allows exhaust gases to be diverted prior to entering the turbo which will create a faster turbo spool. And because the external wastegate has a larger diameter than the stock internal wastegate, it allows the exhaust gases to be released faster which improves boost control, and it promotes longer life in the turbocharger. More importantly, moving the wastegate out of the turbocharger will relieve a large amount of turbulence that the stock internal wastegate will create.

Grimmspeed fabricated this up pipe from quality 304 stainless steel materials with thick 12mm flanges that will not warp. The flanges have been CNC cut for perfect tolerances and a flex section has been added to extend the lift of this up pipe, and it will allow for expansion and contraction without cracking, and it will lead to fewer exhaust leaks. With a good tune, users can expect gains of 15-40WHP when tuned for an external wastegate. 

This GrimmSpeed EWG Up-Pipe Kit was designed with the Tomei Header in mind, but may also fit most other 3 bolt flanged headers.

EWG Up Pipe
Dump Tube

Turbo Wastegate Bracket Sold Separately!!!!!

This includes all the gaskets and hardware necessary for installation.

This EWG Uppipe is not suitable for RHD cars.