OEM Axle Shaft Driver Side (short) – S2000

Code: RA2000X2-V2 / RA2001X2-V2


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New S2000 500HP Level 2.9 Axles. Driveshaft Shop are always looking to improve our axles and shafts. Over the years the inner CV on the S2000 has been an problem with the stock axles. The factory tripod bearing just isn’t up to the task and will wear into the inner CV housing. The tripod has only 3 points in where it makes contact and will dig right into the housing causing the part to wear, creating noise, vibration and eventually failure. They decided to change their popular Level 2.9 500HP Axles over to a Porsche 930-style or 108mm Inner CV so there is a full 6 contact points, instead of 3. This will be a strength advantage over past designs, and since it is a ball and cage design, it will be better at running at an angle. Especially when the S2000 is lowered it puts the inner CV into a significant angle putting more stress on the inner CV. This new design will be not only be tougher but also smoother at transferring power as well. Axles will include a set of adapter plates and hardware to mount them. It’s designed to fit the standard 28 spline factory hubs and these axles come with removable ABS rings. Price is for both left and right axles.

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