Kraftwerks Pulley Upgrade 90mm x 30mm – FRS/BRZ/86

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The Kraftwerks Performance 90mm x 30mm supercharger pulley upgrade is designed to enhance the already impressive BRZ, FRS, FT 86, and AP1 S2000 supercharger kits. You can enjoy more low end torque and horsepower by replacing the supercharger pulley, allowing the supercharger to reach max speed sooner! The upgrade is especially handy if you don’t plan on spinning the motor high in the RPM range but still want to maximize the performance of the supercharger.


BRZ, FRS, FT 86, and AP1 S2000 kits can all use this smaller 90mm pulley; consult the list below to understand the unique trade-offs before making your purchase.

Vehicle Supercharger Head Unit Std. Pulley Max RPM Upgrade Pulley Max RPM
BRZ/FRS/FT86 Base/CARB Legal C30-94 95mm 7,800 90mm 7,400
BRZ/FRS/FT86 Race C38-81 95mm 8,900 90mm 8,450
AP1-S2000 Base C38-81 100mm 9,400 90mm 8,450

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