Killer B Motorsport Oil Pick Up Tube – FRS/BRZ/86

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This is the Killer B Motorsport Oil Pick Up Tube that is now available for your application. Killer B Motorsports is an industry leader especially when it comes to engineering and fabricating performance oiling products. This is their oil pickup tube that is designed to be a direct replacement of your factory oil pickup tube.

The screen on the OEM pickup is crimped in a retainer and the assembly itself is spot welded into the pickup can. The problem is that the screen is creased where the retaining ring is crimped over it and the spot weld process embrittles the screen which can come out with little effort. Killer B Motorsports addresses this issue with their own design in which case their example is a straight tube compared to the bend in the OEM unit. This means that there will be no oiling restrictions in the pan and it is angled directly at the inlet into the block. 

This pickup tube has been fabricated from 4130 alloy steel materials that are thicker, and more durable. This pickup tube also has a 31% increase in screen area and has been pressure tested to 150 PSI.

Included will be hardware, and an O-ring to make this pickup ready for the installation. 

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