Cusco Wide Accelerator Pedal – FRS/BRZ/86

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Cusco Wide Pedal has been specifically designed to make the heel/toe driving technique a little easier for those of you who participate in high-performance driving conditions like auto-x or for weekend track days. Although heel/toe driving can be mastered by a fortunate few, it can be a little challenging for others. Luckily Cusco has come up with an excellent solution.

This heel/toe pedal will come with all of the required hardware to make it ready for the installation, and it will come in a raw aluminum finish to add a nice look to the interior of your vehicle.


  • Designed with a wider profile to allow the heel/toe driving technique easier under high-performance driving conditions
  • Durable construction with race-inspired looks
  • Raw aluminum finish
  • Includes all required hardware for the installation

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