Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type ALC OS w/ Master Cylinder Brace – FRS/BRZ/86

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Cusco Type ALC OS Front Strut Tower Bar. The intended purpose of this bar is to reduce strut tower flex by linking the two strut towers together. The benefit is reducing chassis flex under hard cornering for improved handling and improved driver feedback. A simple upgrade for those of you who enjoy high-performance driving conditions such as auto-x or a spirited canyon run.





  • Front location
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • Real carbon fiber wrap on the center bar
  • Designed to reduce the strut tower flex under cornering
  • Reduces chassis flex
  • Improves handling
  • Increases steering response
  • Improves driver feedback
  • Ideal for street driving, spirited driving, or track use




  • Designed with an integrated master cylinder brace to reinforce the firewall under heavy braking
  • On vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, it may be necessary to relocate a racket and wiring harness to install this bar correctly 



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