Cusco Air/Oil Separator – FRS/BRZ/86

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Cusco Air/Oil Separator solves a simple problem from the manufacturer; it transfers the oil into the catch can, and not in the intake. this not only keeps the vehicle within specs of smog but keeps the oil from coating the tops of the pistons. We all know what that does to any tune you have; it causes detonation, a very bad thing for engines. 

Detonation often leads to serious motor damage or even a blown motor. This Air Oil Separator / Catch Can will not only help protect your motor but it will add that extra little spice you’re looking for in the engine bay.

This air/oil separator will come with a polished catch can, as well as the required hose, fittings, and hardware to make it ready for the installation.


  • Designed to prevent harmful oil and vapors from entering the intake manifold
  • Oil and vapors entering the intake manifold can cause detonation and buildup on valves which will affect the performance 
  • Aluminum catch-can construction
  • Polished catch can finish 
  • Built-in sight tube
  • Includes a bracket that is powder-coated in Cusco’s flagship blue finish
  • Includes hose
  • Includes clamps and hardware for the installation

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