Blitz Nur-Spec (custom Edition VSR) – Type R FK8

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• Adopts a new structure with separate muffler body and tail.
  This structure makes it easy to replace the tail pipe and change the amount of protrusion from the body.
• Three types of tails are available: titanium color VSR, stainless steel color VS, and newly developed carbon red.
• The muffler body and tail can be purchased easily by setting each product as a set.
  Furthermore, by setting the tail part only as an option, it is possible to replace the tail part according to your mood.
• The amount of protrusion from the body can be adjusted by sliding the tail.
  Depending on the presence and design of aero parts, an optimal tail position is achieved.
• The muffler body is an all stainless steel muffler made of SUS304 that boasts high quality shine and high durability by mirror finish.
• A specially designed pipe layout and silencer size were adopted for each model, with particular attention to exhaust efficiency.
• Since the new system “Pre-certification system for replacement muffler” has been acquired, vehicle inspection is cleared without any problems.
  (* If installed correctly and not deteriorated over time)

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