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Ballade Sports Honda 00-09 S2000  (DROP IN) Camshafts deliver low end/rpm horsepower and torque all the way through the power band topping at 9000 rpm. For years S2000 F20c and F22c engines have lacked initial throttle response and torque. Below VTEC the car is relatively lifeless. Ballade Sports camshaft profiles give a natural sensation of quicker horsepower response, low to mid range horsepower and torque, carrying all the way through VTEC and high rpm. This is the perfect for road race track use and daily driving. This is a great upgrade for stock engines or with bolt on modifications. 100% developed for the OEM F20c/F22c.


  • Dyno tuning is recommended for maximum horsepower results, but will drive normally and deliver power on the Stock ECU.
  • Stock idle and valve clearance.
  • Stock Valve Springs and Retainer Compatible. No upgraded valve train required, but recommended.
  • No piston to valve or valve to valve contact. Excludes dramatically milled/resurfaced heads more than 20 thousandths taken off.
  • Increased lift, duration and Fast ramp speed, no laziness in rpm pick up. 
  • Engines with bolt on mods will feel enhanced feel over the current engine mods.
  • 100% daily drive-able and road race safe.
  • Zero adverse effects to stock idle or OEM reliability performance
  • Dyno Tested with a 7 hp gain and 6 ft lbs of tq.

Cam Specs:

  • Dur @ 0.050: 230/227
  • Lift in: 0.507/0.463
  • Lift mm: 12.87/11.75
  • Valve Clearance: 0.008 in/0.010 ex


***Results will vary depending on application.

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