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Walbro 255LPH HP Fuel Pump


Include Install Kit
GSS-342, 400-846
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Walbro high volume in-tank electric fuel pumps are the most reliable, powerful, and widely used fuel pumps on the market. Whether you just need to replace your stock fuel pump, or need additional fuel delivery capabilities for all the modifications you've done, a Walbro fuel pump will do the job for you. Customers with performance parts often forget about buying a new fuel pump, which is a critical part of keeping your engine running optimally. This is true especially if you have a turbocharger or supercharger kit, which usually only come with bigger fuel injectors, but not a bigger fuel pump.

The letters LPH simply stand for Liters Per Hour, which is a measure of how much a fuel pump can "flow" (the more the better). The HP stands for High Pressure, and just means that the fuel pump is designed to operate efficiently at high pressures, which are commonly needed on turbocharged/supercharged applications.

The Walbro 255 LPH-HP pump is just about the strongest fuel pump you can buy, and it can support over 600 horsepower! The 255 LPH is most commonly used for light to medium boost turbocharged/supercharged applications.

Key Features:

  • Solid reliability
  • Superior in every way compared to the stock/OEM Honda fuel pump - and less expensive!
  • Drops right into your stock fuel tank for the best performance, durability, and ease of installation
  • Optional Install Kit Sold Separately.