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Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler Kit - Honda Civic Type-R FK8


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The new Wagner Tuning high-performance competition intercooler kit has got a new oversized (tube fin) core developed specifically for the requirements of the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R FK8. This competition core offers a 23% increase in frontal surface area and 140% increase in volume when compared to the stock intercooler.

The kit has aluminum cast end-tanks that were designed in CAD and optimized in CFD simulations (for an ideal internal airflow). An incorporated air baffle inside the intercooler inlet ensure a uniform filling of the intercooler with a minimal change in back pressure. The newly developed competition high-performance core is very light and provides the adjoining components (for example the radiator) enough air flow by using a specially prepared air baffle. Attention to detail and how all parts work together is how Wagner Tuning received its great reputation!
To finish it off, an anti-corrosion powder-coating with optimal heat conducting properties protect the intercooler from all environmental factors. Installation is easy via the plug and play design meant to work with factory components for an easy job.