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Verus Engineering High-Efficiency Rear Wing - FRS/BRZ/86


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Verus Engineering High-Efficiency Rear Wing. Verus developed this rear wing design utilizing their airfoil profile created using ANSYS adjoint solver. The result is a highly efficient wing that generates significant downforce that is appropriate for the typical track day goer and street enthusiast. 



  • Optimized Airfoil using ANSYS Adjoint Solver that improves efficiency, reduces drag, and increases downforce
  • Bolts to OEM trunk which remains fully operational
  • Capable of generating and withstanding 300+lbs of downforce (both airfoil and trunk)
  • Properly sized for most off the shelf front aero solutions (meaning this rear wing will properly balance nearly all OTS front aero parts)
  • Blade made using durable carbon fiber materials with carbon Nomex infill
  • Includes billet aluminum mounts and uprights
  • Includes stainless support plate along with stainless hardware