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Verus Engineering Fuel Starvation Flapper - FRS/BRZ/86


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Verus Engineering Fuel Starvation Flapper. In some cases on high-speed cornering, your vehicle can experience fuel starvation. Verus Engineering has designed a simple and effective fix to the fuel starvation issue by designing a purpose-built door that allows fuel in and keeps it from going back out during left turns. 

Note that this is not a replacement for a surge tank and will not allow you to run the tank dry. This is a solution to fix the fuel basket from draining during left-hand turns, and will allow end users to run less fuel before fuel starvation will occur. 

Here are more details:

  • Dramatically reduces fuel starvation on left-hand turns
  • Keeps fuel in when the basket is un-submerged
  • Run lower fuel levels for lower weight
  • Stop worrying about fuel starvation and enjoy your time on the track
  • Note that the 2015+ STI models come with a similar flapper door from the factory.