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Solid & Joker 86 Sideskirts + Carbon Underboard (2012-2016) - FRS/BRZ/86


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This listing is for a set of Solid&Joker 86 Side Skirts with 12k carbon underboards.

HURTLING, a new brand of VARIS features a style that adds a sense of fun to match a variety of genres of custom cars, yet different from the styling of original traditional VARIS, Hurtling Solid Joker is aimed not only at middle-aged enthusiasts, but also younger crowd in its 20s. It can be said that it is a style that matches the stance and flash of today’s tuning scene.

The base aero for the Hurtling Solid & Joker 86 is the ARISING-II series from VARIS. A HURTLING carbon lip, side underboard, and rear skirt are added to the original aero image. Since the front and rear bumpers and side skirt parts are common, it seems that many users of Arising II specifications have already used it instead of repairing a damaged Arising-II lip.

Among the additional parts, the product name of 12K means that 12,000 carbon fibers are used in a bundle. The difference from the 3K (3000) carbon fiber used for normal aero parts is obvious. You can see that the fibers are finished in a beautiful grid.

Instead of high strength, mainly for applications such as suspension arms and propeller shafts, 12K is used for aero parts. It can be said that the concept that balances the high fiber processing quality of Varis and the playfulness of the Hurtling is clearly appearing.

Rear spoiler with an acrylic Gurney flap inspired by American cars’ use of Dan Gurney’s famous aero innovation.

All Hurtling parts are made to order, please allow 8-10 weeks for production and delivery time. No cancelation once ordered.