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SMY ClusterMaker Dual Gauge Pod (52mm) - Subaru WRX / STI


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This SMY ClusterMaker Gauge Pod is a dual 52mm gauge setup that replaces the factory inner cluster bezel. Each bezel is made from an Aluminum injection mold and made with 100% ABS plastic; it is stronger than the OEM piece it replaces. It matches perfectly in terms of color and texture, looks so good you would think Subaru themselves manufactured it. Each cluster comes with 2 specially designed rubber bands to hold your gauges very tight in the pods. Each pod is made 2mm larger than standard 52mm pods to air flow and longevity of your gauges. SMY Clusters all have UV protection built in. A UV protectant solution was added to the ABS injection to help with sun damage.

Designed within the product is a pathway for the wiring of the gauges to be run. All gauges up to 2” in depth and 52mm in size will fit this product.

Key Features:

  • All OEM mounting tabs
  • All OEM mounting points
  • 52mm Gauge Pods
  • OEM Color & Finish
  • Comes with 2 specially designed Bands to hold your Gauges in the pods securely.
  • Fits Gauges up to 2 1/4" deep (brackets can be removed from Gauges they are not needed for these pods)
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 250 degrees.

    2015+ Subaru Impreza WRX & STI
    2014+ Subaru Forester
    2013+ Subaru Impreza
    2013+ Subaru CrossTrek