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Silvers NEOMAX Coilovers - Honda Civic Type-R FK8


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Silver’s Neomax Suspension System offers the greatest balance between performance and comfort. With 24 levels of dampening adjustability, you can set to any preference. Our coilovers use carbon steel 52mm diameter seamless tube with a 44mm linear characteristic internal piston for maximum dampening response. Mono-tube shock design and high viscosity of IP F.A. 5W damper oil can ensure the best efficiency of shock-absorbing action. Lower bracket height adjustability prevents the need to adjust the spring perch, offering the maximum shock-absorbing travel. Includes cold-bent springs made from high strength SAE9252 steel. Powder painted steel lower bracket can match all design of brake line and ABS line holder making for easy installation.

Front Topmount: Pillowball optional.

Rear Topmount: No.

Front Spring Rate: 8K.

Rear Spring Rate: 5K-S.