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PERRIN Rear Adjustable Sway Bar 25mm - Subaru WRX / STI VA


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Add a PERRIN Adjustable Rear Swaybar to your WRX, STI, FR-S, 86 or BRZ. Adding a swaybar is the easiest way to improve and fine tune the handling of your vehicle.

Take your vehicles handling to the next level with PERRIN Performance sway bars. Upgrading your sway bar is the easiest way to improve vehicle handing. Sway bars increase roll resistance and modify vehicle balance. In general, adding a larger rear sway bar increases over steer, and adding a larger front sway bar increases under steer. Upgrade both front and rear sway bars to reduce body roll and tune vehicle balance to your preference. PERRIN Performance sway bars incorporate multiple end link mounting holes which allow the installer to custom tailor your driving experience. This PERRIN sway bar increase stiffness by a minimum of 50% overstock. Adjusting the end link mounting position on this sway bar can increase that stiffness to as much at 215% over stock. 

Here are the details:


  • 25mm in sizing 
  • 3-hole adjustable
  • Improves handling by reducing body roll
  • Rear sway bars also promote an increase in oversteer
  • Powder-coated red for corrosion resistance
  • Comes provided with new urethane bushings

    Fits 2008+ Subaru WRX/STI