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Perrin Inlet Hose Red - FRS/BRZ/86


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This is the PERRIN Inlet Hose designed to smooth out the turbulence of the incoming engine air to improve the acceleration and to add horsepower. This is a 3" pipe that is a direct replacement of your 2.7" OEM component that features a smooth interior wall and has a more gradual bend when compared to the OEM unit that has a sharper bend. Additionally, the PERRIN unit comes designed it stainless steel internal support wire that is embedded within the silicone layers to add more rigidity and to prevent the risk of collapsing. And once you install this part, it also eliminates the factory resonator as well as the sound tube which saves weight and cleans up the engine bay.

This particular hose will come in a red finish and will come with clamps to make it ready for installation.