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Moroso Air Oil Separator Kit Small Body - Subaru WRX VA


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Fits 2015+ Subaru WRX

This kit will help the factory crankcase ventilation to operate more efficiently by removing excess crankcase vapors, residual oil, and moisture from being vented back into the intake manifold which can coat your pistons and everything else with a detonation prone layer of oil. 




  • Plumbed into the vehicle's PCV system to capture the excess crankcase vapors, residual oil mist and moisture from reentering the intake tract
  • Vehicles from the factory vent these excess crankcase vapors, residual oil mist and moisture right back into the intake manifold which could cause detonation, oil deposits to form in the intake tract including the valves themselves and from lowering the efficiency of the intercooler in intercooler equipped vehicles
  • Increases engine performance from cleaner intake air
  • Air-Oil separators have billet aluminum bodies with internal baffling and mesh media
  • Includes heavy-duty brass inlet and outlet fittings, fuel/emission/PCV vapor hose, stainless steel mounting bracket and billet aluminum mounting clamp for the body of the separator
  • Some Vehicle crankcase ventilation systems require that 2 air-oil separator bodies be used to properly capture and ventilate the system
  • Includes all required hoses, fittings, brackets, and hardware




  • Includes (1) small body
  • Smaller size fits in more applications and some customers prefer the smaller body
  • Two-piece body unscrews for draining
  • Anodized silver finish




  • For vehicles still utilizing the stock TMIC and stock location turbocharger