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Killer B Motorsport Dual Washer/Coolant Reservoir - Subaru WRX / STI VA


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Fits 2008-2014 WRX and 2008+ STI

Killer B designed this reservoir to create more space in the engine compartment. But combining two reservoirs into a single component, this will free up more space for other components such as intercooler tube replacement, easier maintenance, and better access to the engine. 



  • Made using CNC laser cut and formed aluminum that is 1/8" thick
  • Hand TIG welded to provide reliability under the most severe conditions
  • CNC machined cap retainers assure these caps will never pop off
  • All fittings and hose ends are DOT approved meaning they cost more but are actually designed to provide reliability under extreme temperatures and chemical exposure
  • Powder-coated black