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IAG V2 Alternator Relocation Kit For Reversed Intake Manifold & Power steering - Subaru WRX 02-14, STI 04-20


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The IAG Performance Version 2 Alternator Relocation Kit is designed to help the vehicle builder create space at the accessory drive system in order to reverse the intake manifold 180 degrees so the throttle body faces forward. This is a common practice on many street vehicles as well as race cars that utilize a rotated turbo system.

The IAG V2 design features new improvements over the previous version both in quality and ease of install. Our latest bracket design relocates the alternator without requiring any modifications to the OEM bracketry or oil dip stick mounting for the EJ25. (EJ20 requires dipstick modifications). Additionally, the latest version features a specially designed spring-loaded indexing belt tension adjuster that makes the belt install easy.

The V2 IAG Alternator Relocation Kit includes a CNC aluminum bracket with a spring-loaded indexing adjuster, accessory belt, powder-coated steel bracket, roller and hardware designed to work on the Subaru EJ25 series engines. Modifications to your OEM alternator bracket is not required.


  • (x1) CNC Aluminum Relocation Bracket with Spring-loaded Belt Adjuster
  • (x1) Powder-coated Steel Accessory Bracket
  • (x1) Accessory Belt
  • (x1) Roller
  • (x7) Bolts
  • (x2) Washers


  • With Power Steering PN# IAG-ENG-5211
  • Without Power Steering PN# IAG-ENG-5212

Install Notes:

  • Aluminum relocation bracket with spring-loaded adjuster and roller comes loosely assembled
  • A/C must be removed
  • The bracket and belt system was designed to work with OEM pulleys. Depending on the application, the belt system, rollers, and turbo piping may require modifications to complete a reverse intake manifold installation.
  • Professional installation is recommended
  • For the 2.0L EJ20 WRX, the dipstick requires modification to fit.

 FITS 02-14 WRX, 04-20 STI, FXT, LGT, EJ20, EJ25