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IAG Perfomance Windage Tray - Subaru EJ


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The IAG Windage Tray is designed to limit potential blow-by in your Subaru’s WRX / STI EJ engine during high rpm driving. The job of the windage tray is to help direct oil from the upper crankcase down into the lower crankcase and oil pan area. The precision-formed louvers direct oil downwards and help to prevent oil that is draining from the cylinder heads in the lower crankcase area from sloshing upwards into the path of the crankshaft and connecting rods, thus reducing aeration.

The IAG Windage Tray works with the IAG oil pickup, as well as other oil pickups.

IAG Windage Tray Includes:

  • (x1) IAG Windage Tray
  • (x2) M6x10 Socket Head Bolts