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HKS Super SQV4 BOV Kit - Subaru WRX VA


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  • Pull-type sequential valve structure
  • New differential pressure control system allows for stable operating ranges from low to high-boost pressures
  • Includes vacuum line filter
  • Includes circlip, T-fittings, and zip ties
  • Includes hose and clamps
  • Includes factory-like flange to bolt onto the intercooler

  • Installing this product creates unique sharp & high frequency SQV sound. The SQV IV unit is designed to be located beside the engine so the appurtenance of the engine bay is improved.

    The suction-return parts are included (those are necessary to pass the Japanese Automobile Inspection.).
    Any engine failure such as engine stall was not occurred during the in-house testing.

    This is a complete bolt on kit for your 2015+ WRX