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HKS Light Action Clutch - FRS/BRZ/86


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HKS Light Action Clutch. This particular clutch has been designed to hold the power for those of you who added the HKS GT Supercharger Kit. The torque capacity is rated to 295lb/ft and is lightweight, and has been designed with ease in operation in mind. 



  • MG Composite Disc combines metallic with fibrous materials to give the ideal combination of friction, heat resistance, strength and durability
  • Mid engagement during normal driving but with no-slip and quick action during circuit use
  • Low inertia disc reduces synchro shock and allows for a quick operation
  • Despite the increased pressure to withstand high torque levels, the clutch pedal is heavy to maintain a positive feel
  • Strap Drive Mechanism in the clutch cover allows for clean and accurate disengagement
  • Weight is reduced to suit each application which allows for increased response and acceleration with smooth action which can be lost in lighter clutches
  • Disc damper reduces gear noise and protects the transmission from impact torque
  • Rated to 295lb/ft
  • Includes flywheel, disc, pressure plate, and pilot bearing