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Grimmspeed Boost Control Solenoid Adapter - Subaru WRX VA


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This is the Grimmspeed Boost Solenoid Adapter. The pain purpose of this design is to convert your solenoid setup to a 3-port system. Your factory boost control solenoid is a 2-port solenoid that is mounted directly to the plastic turbo inlet, and it interfaces with an o-ringed feature rather than a vacuum hose. Grimmspeed quickly went to work and utilized their expertise in boost control solenoid technology to develop a great solution with their solenoid adapter. This will allow those with other boost control solutions to adapt their system and utilize the extra port properly.

Grimmspeed essentially recreated the factory turbo inlet and solenoin in CAD to make sure it fits. From there, they designed a fitting machined adapter that would recreate the o-ring sealing feature that the factory solenoid uses. This bracket comes with 1/8 NPT threads so that both of the included barb fittings as well as optional AN fittings can be used interchangeably. Once installed you can utilize the Grimmspeed Boost Control Solenoid, a manual boost controller, or other boost control solutions. 

Hardware, and vacuum line will be included to make this adapter ready for the installation.