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Fluidampr Damper Crank Pulley - Subaru STI VA


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We highly recommend you add this with any high hp build!

The Fluidampr unit is a torsional vibration damper. It has been designed to provide durability by controlling destructive vibration. As you perform performance upgrades that add more horsepower and torque to your vehicle, you risk overworking your stock engine damper, and changes to your rotating assembly can shift destructive engine harmonics. 

The Fluidampr unit will provide protection across the entire RPM range and can accommodate future engine modifications without the need to re-tune, and is a proven product utilized and trusted on high-horsepower applications.




  • OUTER HOUSING: Precision machined and balanced
  • INNER INERTIA RING: Inside every Fluidampr is a steel flywheel that is machined and balanced to ensure precision fitment and performance
  • SILICONE FLUID: Fluidampr utilizes a silicone fluid which is the best damping material available
  • Viscous silicone maintains viscosity tolerance across a wide temperature range between -40° F to 300° F



  • 0.9436" Bore diameter
  • Black zinc finish
  • Keyway included
  • 1.927" Length
  • 5-3/8" Outside diameter