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Defi Red Racer Temperature Gauge w/ White Needle (52mm) - Universal


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This particular gauge reads from 100°F to 300°F in US metric measurements. This gauge features high-brightness LEDs, a self-diagnostic function that monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during the startup sequence. And the face will perform a full 270° sweep upon startup. The heart of the operation of this gauge is a stepping motor that provides a fast and smooth operation. 

In can be used to monitor oil or coolant temperatures. 

Included in this kit will be:

Gauge 1pc
Temperature sensor (1/8 PT) 1pc
Sensor wire (10ft) 1pc
Power supply wire (3 1/3ft) 1pc
Meter cup 1pc
Regular position bezel 1pc
Double sided tape 1pc
Buffer 1pc
Mounting bracket 1pc
M4 bolt, nut, washer 1pc
Tapping screw 2pcs