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DeatschWerks DW65c Series Fuel Pump w/ Install Kit - FRS/BRZ/86


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DeatschWerks DW65C Series Fuel Pump with Install Kit. Once you start adding more go-fast modifications such as an exhaust, intake, intercooler, or injectors, eventually you will surpass the flow capacity of your factory fuel pump which means that you must get a higher flowing fuel pump.

The DeatschWerks DW65C fuel pump has a flow rating of 265LPH to supplement your aftermarket injectors or other fuel system upgrades with a proper amount of fuel flow that is a must-have when performing any modification that will increase the boost, power, and torque of your vehicle. 



  • E85 friendly 
  • 265 LPH
  • Direct drop-in
  • Compatible with your OE fuel pump controller
  • Includes Install Kit9-651-1010