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Cusco 1.3 Bar High Pressure Radiator Cap - FRS/BRZ/86


00B 050 B13
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This is the Cusco 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap. This radiator cap has been designed to raise the boiling point of your coolant system for increased cooling efficiency and it helps prevent overheating. It has been designed with a reinforced main pressure valve spring which will increase the internal pressure which will increase the boiling point.


  • Designed with a reinforced main pressure valve spring
  • Designed with silicone seals 
  • Operates at 1.3kb/cm2 at zero atmospheric pressure
  • The atmospheric pressure of the road surface (approximately 1.0kg/cm2) Is added and the pressure is 2.3kg/cm2
  • Operates from 2.3kg/cm2 Boiling point approximately 126.5 Degrees Celsius 
  • Universal in fitment 
  • Sold Individually