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Crawford TMIC v2 Performance Air Oil Separator (Black) - Subaru STI VA


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Fits 2008-2020 Subaru STI and 2008-2014 WRX

Oil pooling in your intake? Stop the oil from ever getting there with the Crawford Air Oil Separator. The Crawford Performance Air Oil Separator (AOS) is the original solution to Subaru's notorious oiling system issues. Although the technology was pre-existing with other vehicle brands such as Porsche, Crawford Performance is the inventor of the first system specifically for Subaru. No other AOS on the market employs the same technology.

This updated kit replaced old part numbers S0713-1, S0718, & S0716-1


  • Not a Catch Can - Closed Loop and Maintenance Free
  • Consume Less Oil
  • Extend the Life of your Engine
  • Reduce Detonation and Risk of Engine / Ringland Failure
  • Reduce Fuel Dilution and Subsequent Power Loss