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Cosworth 1.1 Bar High Pressure Radiator Cap - Subaru


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Increasing the boiling point, our engineered High-Pressure Radiator Cap provides improved cooling efficiency for vehicles. Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, the cap is a race proven valve capable of withstanding high pressure. Acting as a vital part of the upgraded cooling system by controlling the engine's temperature, our High-Pressure Radiator Cap allows for maximizing engine performance.

Unlike zinc plated mild steel varieties, the stainless steel contraction provides a higher relief pressure for lasting durability. Cosworth designed this cap with specific features to aid in the optimal performance efficiency. The brushed finish, heavy gauge stainless steel cap provides positive retention and steel tabs aid in the elimination of bent tabs in high-pressure conditions causing fatal engine results.

When increasing the amount of pressure within the system, the boiling point will rise. The use of a High-Pressure Radiator Cap provides a reduction in the changes of boiling within the system which decreases the chance of hot spots or localized areas around the combustion chambers that could cause the engine to overheat.

By increasing the boiling point, this reduces the cavitation at the water pump impeller which allows for the pump to run at it's intended efficiency range. A factor that is critical for an engine utilizing a higher than stock rev limit.

Working more efficiently than rubber, the Cosworth High-Pressure Radiator Cap offers superior sealing with the silicone gasket. Providing optimal results each time, the long life seal does not deteriorate due to the repetitive removal and reinstallation.

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