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Turbo XS Catless J-Pipe - Subaru WRX VA


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The TurboXS Catless Front Pipe (J-pipe) for your 2015 WRX is one of single best power adding modifications you can do.  Add up tp 30 lb-ft and 25 whp!


Features include:

  • All 304 Stainless Steel Contruction
  • 3.5" at the turbocharger tapering to 3.0" at the exit to the catback exhaust
  • 12mm thick flanges
  • Complete bolt-on installation
  • Hardware includes:
    • J-pipe to mid-pipe gasket, nuts and bolts
    • Mid-pipe to Catback gasket, nuts and bolts
    • Turbo to J-pipe gasket NOT included.  Factory gasket can be re-used.