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Clutch Masters FX250 Clutch Kit - Honda Civic Type-R FK8


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Clutch Masters 2017-2018 Honda Civic Type-R FX250 Organic/Fiber Tough Clutch Kit
  • 110% increased holding capacity
  • The FX250 System uses New Formula Button on one side and a heavy-duty Steel Back Organic friction lining on the other
  • This clutch is designed for the street enthusiast or weekend racer who plans to abuse their vehicle on an occasional basis and have a spirited driving style
  • The FX250 clutch system has a higher holding capacity than a traditional full faced Kevlar without compromising the street friendly characteristics Clutch Masters is known for
  • Heavy duty pressure plate
  • Dual friction Organic/Fiber Tough disc
  • Dampened disc
  • Release bearing, pilot bearing, and tool included