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Clutch Masters FX100 Clutch Kit - Honda Civic Type-R FK8


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 Clutch Masters 2017-2018 Honda Civic Type-R FX100 Organic Clutch Kit
  • 70% increased holding capacity
  • The FX100 system uses a heavy-duty pressure plate with a custom heavy-duty steel sack srganic friction disc
  • This clutch is engineered for heavy-duty street use
  • It is specifically designed for extended wear and additional clamping force for the enthusiast who has added an exhaust system, an intake system, up to 50hp NO2 upgrade, or other non-forced induction external bolt-ons
  • It features only slightly increased pedal pressure
  • Longer life than stock
  • Normal clutch feel during engagement and disengagement for a very smooth operation
  • Heavy duty pressure plate
  • Steel-backed organic lined disc
  • Dampened disc
  • Release bearing, pilot bearing, and tool included