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Ballade Sports Timing Chain Tensioner & Timing Gear Combo - S2000


Timing Chain Tensioner Color
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Description:  The Honda S2000 suffers from an extremely weak timing chain tensioner.  Stock vehicles have experienced noise and rattle from the TCT after 40k miles or even sooner.  This faulty piece from Honda also makes it impossible to run high lift cam shafts or run forced induction without experiencing TCT failure.  Our heavy duty TCT eliminates all of this.  No longer are S2000s' subject to embarrassing ticking noise or limited to low horse power gains from a weak TCT.  Ballade Sports  Heavy Duty S2000 timing chain tensioners are BRAND NEW, not re-manufactured units.

Ballade Sports Timing Chain Gear optimizes the cam and crank synchronization timing by use of an offset Cam Gear. This compensates for worn out timing chain guides and chain stretch. Installation of this product would prolong the life of the current timing chain and guides from needing replacement.

  • Benefits:
  • Up to 6-10 WHP return in engine performance.
  • Up to 2-4 MPG increase in fuel economy.
  • Direct fit replacement for all year model S2000.