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Advan GT 19x10.5 +15mm 5-114.3 Racing Semi Gloss Black


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The Advan Racing GT is the proper purist wheel. Manufactured with Mold Form Forging technology, this clean, but distinctive 5 Spoke wheel packs all of the racing features developed from participation in GT Racing. 1) Extreme lightness for low unsprung weight from precise engineering and mold forging. 2) Mold forging also gives the wheel extreme stiffness and durability. 3) Knurled gear cut bead seat for extreme traction. 4) Best caliper clearance in the wheel industry. No other wheel in the industry can offer all of these critical performance benefit in one elegant package = the Advan Racing GT.


  • 1 piece wheel
  • Size: 19x10.5 Inches
  • Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
  • Offset: +15mm
  • Color: Semi Gloss Black