Ballade Sports Forced Induction Clutch Kit – S2000



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This clutch kit was designed to handle force induction F20C & F22C applications. The pressure plate features single diaphragm design to keep the foot pedal soft and easy along with the non asbestos clutch disk. Ballade Sports Pressure plate and disk are specially mated together and precision balanced to ensure the proper stack height clearance with the flywheel. The pressure plate is made utilizing ductile cast iron friction plate. While most varieties of cast iron are brittle, ductile iron has much more impact and fatigue resistance, due to its nodular graphite inclusions. Ductile iron is not a single material but is part of a group of materials which can be produced to have a wide range of properties through control of the micro-structure. In addition the straps to the diaphragm on the pressure plate have been strengthened. Thicker metal material is used versus the OEM design. Our friction/clutch disk is now made of puck material called fiber tough. This allows for a much easier break in period over kevlar clutch disks. Our turbo Clutch disk is equipped with fiber tough puck material on both sides of the clutch disk, flywheel and pressure plate side. This can hold up to 370 ft/lbs of engine torque to the wheels.

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