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KICS Leggdura Racing Dangan Shell Type Lug Nut and Lock Set M12X1.25


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These are the Project Kics Leggdura Racing Dangan Lug Nut set. This is definitely the set of lug nuts that will grab attention, so if you are looking for something more conservative then this may not be the first choice. This is a unique two-piece design that employs both chromoly SCM435 alloy materials that are used for the nut also combined with a steel core for the lock. The steel core length measures at 28.5mm while the total length of these lug nuts measure 58mm. Additionally, these lug nuts also have swivel bezels to avoid the chance of scratching the wheel holes once you get them torqued down. So to be clear, you have the inner lug nut that installs first, then you have the outer shell (pointy lug) that screws on top. 

These particular lug nuts will come in a black finish, and there will be a total of 20 lug nuts sold, and 4 of which will be lock nuts. They will come in the M12X1.25 thread pitch, and will also come with a pair of hex adapters to make removal or installation simple, and scratch-free. 

Can be used for street use, or motorsports use.